Friday, June 24, 2011

Friends Frequently Flicking Flames Betrayal

I feel betrayed  by the smokers of America.


You see, as  a non-smoker,  I have observed the almost religious zeal of the anti-smoking crowd and I have been appalled.


We all know the dangers of smoking but we can't treat smokers like lepers because they make an unwise choice.


How many among us have other habits such as drinking or gambling or other repulsive addictions?


Keeping second-hand smoke away from non-smokers is important but I think often we have gone too far in vilifying smokers.  There are places where smokers are not permitted to smoke OUTSIDE!  In addition,  if a tavern owner wants to create a haven for smokers he should have that right.  Let's be smart but let's be fair and apply common sense.


Which brings me to the betrayal.


Many smokers continue to engage in throwing the glowing cigarette butt out the car window while driving.  Their attitude seems to be that  there is some  exception to the littering law when it comes to smokers  who drive.


The anti-littering campaign  began in the 1960's with a Television Ad featuring an American Indian with a tear rolling down his cheek,  observing the trash cast about his otherwise beautiful amber waves of grain.  America has become litter-conscious since that time.


For some reason,  smokers behind the wheel didn't get that memo.  I challenge you to drive  around your neighborhood for a half day without  coming across the flick of the butt.


The most pristine and well kept avenues in this country are dotted by the remnants of Marlboro and Winston.   Environmental groups estimate that 26 billion cigarette butts are thrown from  the driver's window   annually in America.  TWENTY SIX BILLION!


That disgusting statistic doesn't even account for the danger.  Drivers have had the  glowing butt fly right back into the car and set the family station wagon on fire.


             Throughout the nation brushfires are frequently caused by the anonymous carelessness of the Virginia Slim bouncing from  Grandma's minivan.  Can you say "Left Homeless in Arizona" ?


This one will break your heart.  This past April,  a thoughtless driver tossed his cigarette  butt which landed in the back of a trailer  carrying horses.  The driver of the trailer was not the driver who flicked the tobacco stick.  The six horses died a terrible death as the hay-lined trailer went up in flames in no time .


That is why I feel betrayed.


Smokers, I have been  your best non-smoking friend  when it comes to being the voice of reason.


Why do you turn on me by purposely  fouling  the roads I travel and putting yourselves and others in danger.  DO NOT EVER THROW YOUR BUTT OUT THE WINDOW.  PLEASE.


You are making it hard to be your friend.  


David M. Lynch

Friday, June 17, 2011

Where Seldom Is Heard A Discouraging Tweet

The other day the First graduating Class of Wyoming Catholic College celebrated its inaugural commencement in Lander, Wyoming.
This would not normally be particularly newsworthy except for the fact that these young men and women had survived.
You see,  these brave souls in caps and gowns have been subjected to the cruel  unique policies of the university that distinguished this place of learning as a  true social torture chamber. To be honest with you, I am shocked that the ACLU or Al Sharpton haven't shown up on campus to end the awful  conditions that have been imposed on the students at Wyoming Catholic College.
What kind of cvilized society allows this kind of abuse of our young people?
You should know of such heinous practices so you can protect  those in your family from similar outrages.
It's almost  too unspeakbale to reprint here but we must name evil in order to confront it.
Not anywhere on campus.  Not in the dorms.  Not in the quad.  Not in the hallways.  Not ever anyplace.
And it gets worse.  No computer has internet access except for  library workstations where a human monitor observes the student.  No secret laptop hidden in the frat house to connect with cyberspace. Computers owned by students  may be used only for word processing to prepare homework and papers. No television and no video games on campus either.
Oh the Humanity!
The President of the University,  Father Robert Cook, tries to justify the atrocity of enforcing these inhumane rules by explaining that  his students are free from distractions, promoting a more moral environment.  He adds that  the rules force more direct interaction between students and between faculty and students. People are forced to communicate face to face instead of through technology creating an impersonal barrier between them.
As far as the internet goes,  Father Cook,  a Stanford-trained attorney, tells the students that God gave them the greatest computers ever created in the form of their own minds.  He argues that its healthy to leave inferior technologies behind for four years and then return to them after graduation if they choose.
If you as a citizen are concerned that our college attendees are the targets of such insanity as described in this column,  contact your congressman.
After all,  without cell phones and email on campus,  how will congressmen be able to send illicit photos to unsuspecting  coeds?
David M. Lynch

Friday, June 10, 2011

Bloody Susan G. Komen

    Imagine that the year is 1940, and you are asked to support a worthwhile charity that also donates funding to a women's health clinic operated by the Nazi party in Germany.


    My guess is that you would take a pass on supporting this otherwise well intended charity. You would tell the solicitor that allowing any money to go to the Nazi party is immoral, even if the monies involved supported only  limited beneficial services carried out by Hitler's followers.


    In fact, it would seem obvious that the evil atrocities of the Nazis in torturing and murdering millions of Jews are so heinous that Der Fuehrer's success in providing hospital services to non-Jews could never prove to be a justification for allowing one dollar of your money to find its way into Swastika-emblazoned  coffers. Even if you could be certain that your dollar went to provide medical service only.


    Fast-forward to a graduation ceremony I attended at a large well-known Catholic University just a few weeks ago. An honorary degree was bestowed upon a wonderful lady who supported this college for many years in many ways. One of the achievements of her life trumpeted during her introduction was her dedication to  the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.


    I almost fell off my seat.


    The Susan G. Komen Foundation donates millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood   to provide breast cancer screening and other medical services to women in poor neighborhoods.


    The largest provider of abortions in America is Planned Parenthood. In the United States alone, Planned Parenthood reports that they average 300,000 abortions under their roof every year.


    Someone very close to me in my family is a breast cancer survivor and to all that know her she is a real hero, conducting herself with grace and courage. She supported the Komen Foundation in the past but now refrains because of Komen's willing support  of Planned Parenthood.


    There are many other organizations and research institutes fighting breast cancer. Find them and support them if you want to participate in the battle against this dreaded disease.


    Whatever you do, make sure that the pink ribbon you display does not mean that you've donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Even the Komen Foundation admits that  childbirth reduces a woman's likelihood of getting breast cancer.  In another words,  abortion increases the cancer risk.


    I've seen the Planned Parenthood facilities in Shaker Heights and Bedford. Body parts of little pre-born children are trucked away from the back  of the building like so much useless garbage.

    The scene reminds me of those sickening grainy films of the death camp at Auschwitz where a bulldozer moved limbs and torsos  and skulls from one part of the camp to another.  In this deathcamp,  Dr. Josef Mengele, the Third Reich's "Angel of Death",  specialized in unspeakable experiments often involving dismembering men, women, and children while they were alive.


    Repulsive. Horrifying. Evil.


    Bloody Susan G. Komen, why must you do this?


    Fight the good fight against breast cancer but stop sending millions to the organization that embodies genocide in the modern world.  The blood of the innocents oozes out of the surgery room at the local Planned Parethood center and leaks into the room where other services are offered.  Get away from this toxic association with evil.


    It's 1940 all over again and we must stand up for those unborn children who can't make their voice heard over the whine of the electric scalpel and suction device.

     Spread the word.

    Do not support Bloody Susan G. Komen. 

    At least not until Bloody Susan is willing to tell Dr. Mengele that she will no longer associate with his murderous exploits. 

David M. Lynch

Friday, June 3, 2011

Stop: A Hero Passes

Jim Daly, President of Focus of the Family, recently mentioned a  poignant  incident he experienced a few years ago while traveling.


            Busy businessmen and harried vacationers all paused and became silent  in the cabin of a jetliner that had just arrived at the gate of a congested  terminal at an International Airport in a major American city.


            The captain announced on the PA system that a recently killed U.S. serviceman's remains had been traveling with them throughout the flight and the captain thought it would be meaningful if the passengers waited while the  coffin was removed from the cargo section of the plane.


            The world stopped moving while 192 important travelers focused together on one man and the ultimate sacrifice he paid so that we might live free.


            The crated coffin was gently removed and the travelers didn't care about their stowed away items in the overhead compartment.


            Connecting flights were suddenly trivial.


            Making sure ground transportation was all set to take someone to a meeting seemed less than secondary to the moment.


            It took only a few minutes.


            A few tears were shed.


                A few salutes were made.


                A few prayers were recited.


            Amazingly, cell phone calls and texting were at zero level.  Not one email was sent.


            Flight attendants, crew, and all others on the flight felt almost like they were in church or perhaps at a cemetery like Arlington.


            Some claim they heard taps at a distance though no bugler was in sight.


            Do you stop everything to remember our fallen heroes?


            You should.  Because of them we have our families to raise in this increasingly rare air of liberty.


            Would  you die for our country?  They did.


            Would you have been part of this unanimous spontaneous tribute of respect for someone that could have been your son or daughter?


            I hope your answer is yes.


            Make sure it is by pausing and saying thank you.


            Today. To a veteran and to a veteran's family. 


            God Bless America.



David M. Lynch