Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sir Elton's Unworthy Lifestyle

Well, here's a column sure to kill my chances of being invited on Oprah.


You see, Elton John's music was kind of a background to my growing up. Crocodile Rock. Bennie and The Jets. Rocket Man. And, of course, the poignant Your Song.


When Princess Diana died, he turned Candle In The Wind into an anthem to the most beloved Royal of them all. The Queen of England made him a Knight of The Realm. Unstoppable, the modern Elton cranks out  hit Broadway  musicals like Billy Elliot.


Then it happened.


I was at the checkout counter at Walgreens and Sir Elton creeped me out.


 An Us Magazine cover stared back at me, and I did a double take. It featured a photo of Elton and his civil union partner David furnish holding an infant  next to a headline that proclaimed "Elton's baby!"


Go ahead. Sick the hate speech police on me.


It creeped me out because I'm sick of a culture that tells our children that any lifestyle is okay if it reflects who they are.


The idea that anything is morally unacceptable has disappeared.


The article tells us  that Papa Elton and Dad David first tried to adopt a child from the Ukraine. Elton describes the Ukraine's ban on adoption by gay couples as "draconian." They were sad and disappointed.


That's when Mr. and Mr. John went the surrogate mother route, complete with a donor egg united with unidentified sperm.


Unidentified because they didn't want either dad known as the biological father, so as Elton breathlessly exclaimed, "We both donated!"


How wonderful!


How creepy.


Don't we want the best for children, including a dad and a mom? Elton's millions won't fill the void in the momless house.


  Homophobic?  No.


 But I do have a phobia. I fear a society that makes  kids wear helmets to ride a bike, but is willing to push them out into a world of gender confusion without boundaries in sexual behavior.


The New Testament warns it is better for one to have a millstone tied around one's neck and be thrown into the sea, rather than lead children into sin.


Sir Elton, I love the music.  And no one can wear a pair of giant sunglasses the way you do.


But please quit creeping me out. You and Us magazine can get along fine without the millstone.

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  1. Mr. Lynch:
    I find your reference to the OT very amusing because it falls within the static rhetoric of western Christianity sectarianism. If I may bring you to the 21st century, go forth and multiply - thus the need for breeders - of the OT has been replaced by the NT - attraction not billions of progeny already converted before birth. I also challenge you to a population study of the loss of the heterosexual nuclear family (and abortions) to the rise of homosexual nuclear family. It is well documented that children within same-sex parent homes are not "snared" or forced into homosexuality. Gender confusion occurs in heterosexual homes as well as "closet" male family members. Children who are molested by a heterosexual adult would find your comment on boundaries in sexual behavior to be most obtuse.
    So, hey, Mr Lynch, come join the reality of the OT and attempt to rise from your phobia that God would no doubt, find unloving and undesirable for one who no doubt, labels himself a "Christian."
    For your record and later diatribe, I am a heterosexual girl who very much likes men. I also am a Christian, not only by a label but action as well. I even have a sister who is a minister who walks the talk.