Friday, March 18, 2011

Roe v. Wade to end abortion?

        Those who are praying in the 40 Days For Life Campaign are hoping that the unspeakable reality of millions of children murdered in the womb will come to an end, with God's help.


          Amazingly, we may be headed to the end of Roe v. Wade because  of Roe V. Wade.


          What ?


          Yes, that's what I said.  Roe v. Wade will end Roe v. Wade.


          Here's the story.


          In 1973 Roe v. Wade was hailed by abortion advocates as the case that established abortion rights.


          However, like some kind of divine computer virus held dormant until the time was right, the Supreme Court opinion in Roe contained the demise of abortion.


          Associate Justice Harry Blackman said that States cannot prohibit abortion until the unborn child is "viable outside the womb".


          In 1973, based on the technology of that era, "viability" meant after the second trimester.


          Fast forward to 2011, where new medical technology is allowing continued fetal development through artificial means outside the womb.


Amelia Taylor, of Homestead, Florida was born way premature at 21 weeks, weighing just ten ounces. She is doing just fine.


Today, babies are born at  21 to 23 weeks gestation and surviving on a regular basis.


And let's not forget the  "Snowflake" babies, frozen emryos that today are healthy citizens running businesses and yes, even  giving speeches at pro-life rallies.


Most observers missed the comments of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor in 1983 when she said Roe v. Wade was "on a collision with itself."  She saw that medical advances were pushing viability to earlier stages of pregnancy, perhaps even to the point of conception.


Modern medicine, motivated by the desire to save life, is pushing the viability date further and further back toward conception.


          The day is not too far off when the fertilized egg will be able to live completely on external technology.


          If the Supreme Court lives by its own precedence, that is, the principles of Roe, then that not too far off day will mean the end of abortion as a legal activity.


          Thank God for that.


          Let's promote the medical research that slides the viability point back as far as we can go.


          So let's hear it for the 40 Days For Life campaign.


          Just remember to save a few of those prayers for medical researchers           



David M. Lynch

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