Saturday, April 2, 2011

Live Life without Lame and Lousy Language

    Man lives above the animal kingdom because we have hearts and minds and we express what is in our hearts and minds through words we speak.


                So, I ask, do you think about the words you speak ?


                Jack Parr got in trouble for using the letters " W. C" as an abbreviation of "water closet",  a euphemism meaning  toilet. This means that in 1960, you weren't allowed to use initials that stood for a word that referred to a commode.


                We've come a long way, baby. And not for the better.


                Radio and television are filled with the " S" word," A-hole" , and the ever- present and  barely bleeped  F bomb.


                Like lemmings, we have followed right along with the culture. 

                A few years ago, comedian George Carlin made a career out     Seven Dirty Words  you couldn't say on television. He told us to face the reality of modern language and avoid being" uptight" over mere words.


                I get it. They are mere words.


                And I realize that there is a place for reality. An accurate portrayal of characters in a  book or play  requires re-creating  language used by real people in real situations.


                But that doesn't mean you have to generate foul language in your own expression.


                When you use coarse language of any sort, manure comes out of your own mouth. And it lingers.


                So here's the scenario. You and I are talking.


    You tell me that you are P O'd at your landlord, who is such an a-hole and is full of bull-s____.


                Here's what I feel. Excrement just came out of your mouth and you have wiped a huge glob of that stink-filled cow pie on your sleeve.


                The sight and odor of it on you is distracting and I can't wait to get away from you.


                What comes out of you?


                The befuddled Mayor of the Music Man's fictional River City constantly intoned   " Watch Your Phraseology! "


                Watch your language.


                Are you so lacking in   imagination that you can only communicate from the same gutter that Howard Stern lives in?


                Are you a lady if you swear like a sailor, thinking it a badge of independence and feminism?


                Are you a man who is  "one of the boys" because you share offensive language with your friends? To me, being a man means having courage, integrity, and dedication to your family.


                What language do you use and what language do you tolerate in your own home?


                Look, I know what's in the world, but must we accept it? Do you embrace it just because it's out there?


                What issues forth from your lips tells us what's inside your heart.


                If you have the slightest tinge of regret when you hear your children swear, look in the mirror and see if you're not wearing some of the blame.


                It's not too late to take a stand. Make your heart the place of a verbal purity. Make your home a safe place for elegant expression.


                 Maybe even consider doing something about that open sanitary sewer pipe in your living room. Some people call it a television.


                Wipe that disgusting mess off your sleeve and talk to me from that wonderful soul inside you. It's going to be a great conversation.

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