Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Columnist that admits when he was wrong...almost

            Even a columnist can be wrong, especially me.


            I'm just grateful I kept digging for the truth before I splashed the ink of  indignancy  all over this newspaper.


            Here's what happened.


            J. Christian Adams, a former attorney with the Obama Administration's Department of Justice is on a book tour.


            His newly published tome is portrayed as an insider's view of Attorney General Eric Holder's abuse of the justice system.


            Adams' book contains  this outcry: can you believe  they are doing these ridiculous things in the Justice Department?


            One item featured by Adams in his PR tour is as follows, and I quote, "They have sued a school district in upstate New York to accommodate so students can come to school dressed as transvestites…"


            Well…that got me pretty fired up.


            In my head, I wrote a column about Obama sticking his nose where it doesn't belong, trying to override a school board's right to enforce a common sense morally based dress code.


            Those of you who read this column know how I'd have made mince meat of this alleged maneuver by Justice.


            I decided to confirm the story before I wrote the column.


            Lucky  thing.


            J. Christian Adams is lying.


            The case in upstate New York involves the Mohawk County School District.


            A high school student embracing a gay lifestyle (his right) was subject to bullying in school in clear violation of the district's anti-bullying policy.


            The victimized sophomore finally sued the school because they wouldn't enforce the anti-bullying rules when it came to him.


            Obama's Justice Department joined in the suit, claiming Federal law required equal enforcement of the anti-bullying regulations.


            Bullying is wrong in all instances.


            I thing the gay lifestyle is harmful and immoral but that does not justify other students abusing this victim.


             The Mohawk School District must enforce its own laws to protect all students from bullying.


            I don't know if this case calls for the U.S. Attorney to intervene as it did.  However, Obama's lawyers were certainly on the right side of the argument.


            If I hadn't done the research, I'd have repeated the lie Adams' book disseminates.


            Obama did not send lawyer's out to destroy a school district's sensible dress code.  He sent lawyers to ensure fair treatment of a mixed up kid.


            The laws must protect all equally.


            The kid in New York was right.


            And I was almost wrong.



David M. Lynch

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