Friday, October 5, 2012

Emperor's clothes reveal Obama's ordinary nature

One of the favorite stories I was exposed to when I was a kid was the story of the Emperor's new clothes.
The Emperor hires a fancy designer who strips the kingdom's leader naked, indicating that he has placed a remarkable new outfit on his Royal Highness.
It is explained that only those with the most discriminating taste can actually see these beautiful new threads.
The egotistical Emperor is surrounded by  subjects sucking up to the King.
He marches through town, Lady Godiva style , basking in the cheers from the devoted throng.
A little boy standing along the parade route loudly declares his assessment of what he sees.
"The king is naked, mommy! The king is naked!"
One can only imagine the face of the King when he realizes that everyone is learning the truth.
The King is in fact naked.
This scene was repeated at the University of Denver last Wednesday evening.
Mitt Romney had the unmitigated gall to strip away the myth of Barack Obama's infallibility.
In front of an international audience of 70 million.
The President of the United States had the uncomfortable look I usually get when those first hints of diarrhea make themselves known and I am a long way from the nearest bathroom facility.
It's that "UH-OH" moment.
The previously impenetrable fortress of invincibility constructed by the mainstream media was surrounded by a moat filled with alligators named Planned Parenthood, the National Education Association, and the Gay Lesbian Transgender Association.
I hate to comingle my children's stories, but I can't resist a Humpty Dumpty reference.
The president was up there on stage without anyone to help him.
Neither Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, nor David Axelrod were permitted to step forward to lend assistance.
Barack Obama's image as an intellectually superior master of complex issues gave way to reveal something people said about him when he originally announced that he would run for president four years ago: he just wasn't ready.
And all the king's horses and all the king's men just couldn't put Humpty together again.
Prior to the debate, polling data showed Obama with momentum, especially in battleground states such as Ohio.
The truth is that the debate wasn't really a blowout for the Republican challenger.
However, the exchange in Denver was remarkable because it stripped away the carefully crafted mystique that has protected Obama over the last several years.
Many citizens have been in a trance.
They have viewed Obama as the Second Coming, to be treated  with great reverence  befitting one whose inspirational rhetoric transcends politics.
Last Wednesday, the spell was broken and people began to see Obama as just another politician stumbling his way through.
Let's complete the children's story trifecta.
Obama's strategists have been telling us not to look behind that curtain at the Wizard's Castle.
Thursday night, it wasn't Professor Marvel we observed clumsily maneuvering all the smoke and mirrors with levers and pulleys.
It was Barack Obama.
Game on.


  1. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed your analogies.
    Great entertainment and 'truth, to boot!'

  2. Mitt won the debate with a lot of style,substance and a healthy amount of lies. I recorded and watched in disbelief as I witnessed everything I had heard from him in the last year be turned around and twisted. A 5 trillion dollar tax cut that is revenue neutral? Really can anyone really believe that? No tax increases for anyone well it's impossible to do that without blowing a hole in the debt.
    My favorite. There is no tax deduction for moving your business off shore. Yes the IRS gives you a tax deduction for the cost of moving your business to another country. Look it up Mitt
    I can only hope the American people don't forget how we got in the mess in the first place. Two unfunded wars, unfunded medicare part D as examples. Mitt Romney is a businessman, he will tell you anything to get your business or vote.

    Truthfully President Obama needs a quick kick for letting him make some of these statements.

  3. Dear Candace: Thanks for your kind words and your terrific blog JUST SAYIN'. Writing is a challenge and easy to neglect but persevere we must as words may be all that survives. I was just sayin'... Dave Lynch

    Dear Anonymous: First of all, thank you for reading and writing in response. The lies you are pointing to seem to be based on what you heard Mitt say about his plans earlier in his campaign. Is that your best critique? That is a pretty weak approach from the camp that has a candidate that whispered (caught on tape in case you doubt: see youtube) to the Russian diplomat that he'd have more flexibility after the election, as if the democratic process were an irritation. The same president that said himself that he did not deserve a second term if certain goals were not realized. Those were employment goals
    that he set so let's vote Romney based on the President's reccomendation. The biggest believer in tax cuts as a way to increase revenue was John F. Kennedy and he was proven right. Romney got that idea from JFK, not Reagan. It's originally a Democratic concept! Thank you again for you comments. Dave Lynch PS Hoping one of my other columns finds a positve response from you as you are obviously highly engaged in issues and also very intelligent. Regards,DML

    1. You cut taxes, and the tax revenues increase.... If there's one thing that economists agree on, it's that these claims are false. We're not talking just ivory-tower lefties. Virtually every economics Ph.D. who has worked in a prominent role in the Bush Administration acknowledges that the tax cuts enacted during the past six years have not paid for themselves--and were never intended to. Harvard professor Greg Mankiw, chairman of Bush's Council of Economic Advisers from 2003 to 2005, even devotes a section of his best-selling economics textbook to debunking the claim that tax cuts increase revenues.

    2. Is there any substantive political issue Romney hasn’t been on both sides of at some point in his career? Seriously, anything?

      Abortion, gay marriage, climate change, health care, taxes…at various times Romney has occupied opposite ends of the political spectrum on all of these issues. You can’t attribute this stuff to “evolving viewpoints” or a change of heart. It’s painfully obvious that he says what he has to say to get what he wants when he wants it.

      In the last election, at least you could tell that McCain hated himself for pandering to certain GOP constituencies. It didn’t stop him from doing it, but the self-loathing was palpable. Romney on the other hand? He changes deeply held principles as easily as he changes a pair of magical underpants.

    3. Dear Anonymous: I'm glad to see you staying engaged in the conversation. Obama made a recent well publicized reversal regarding gay marriage. He also failed to keep his promise to close Gitmo. Reagan made a very well documented reversal on the abortion question while governor of California. Kucinich reversed on abortion 6 years ago as well. JFK strongly supported the Viet Nam war even though Bobby said later that JFK would have reversed himself. We can only take thse guys as we find them. By the way, Harry Potter says changing magical underpants is quite difficult so clearly Romney does not change views easily if we go by your analogy. Regards.

  4. Obama made a recent well publicized reversal regarding gay marriage. He also failed to keep his promise to close Gitmo.>>

    What reversal regarding gay marriage are you referring? Obama tried to close Gitmo, the Republicans would not let it happen! Remember the uproar about it?

  5. October 16, 2012
    Hello, my fellow American voters!
    I watched the Oct. 3rd and Oct. 16th presidential and Oct. 11th vice-presidential debates.
    1st Romney-Obama debate covered 7 topics: jobs; budget deficit/debt; social security/entitlements; federal regulation of economy; healthcare; federal government role in economy; partisan gridlock.
    2nd Romney-Obama debate covered 11 topics: college graduate jobs; gas prices; taxes; equal pay; Bush policies; Obama’s record; illegal immigrants; Libya; assault weapons; jobs; candidate misperceptions.
    Ryan-Biden debate covered 10 topics: Libya; Iran; economy; medicare/social security/entitlements; taxes/tax reform/spending/budget cuts; military policy; Afghanistan; Syria; abortion; negative campaign tactics.
    As an INDEPENDENT female feminist (egalitarian) voter, I support the Romney/Ryan ticket.
    Romney and Ryan won all three debates, although Obama improved some in the 2nd debate.
    Ryan won despite Biden’s consistently rude/disrespectful behavior during the debate
    (Biden interrupted Ryan often, laughed often while Ryan was talking, pointed his finger often).
    Biden’s tactics to evade issues/truth were disrespectful to Americans interested in facts, figures, forecasts, and solutions for real people with real problems.
    Romney and Ryan won with substance, directness, integrity, respect, clarity, facts, commitment, inspiration, and leadership.
    These debates confirm that Romney and Ryan are the best persons in terms of qualifications and character to lead our country to solve problems and make life better for all Americans.
    I am inspired by Romney/Ryan, and I hope that you are too!
    Best regards,
    Cas Lee