Thursday, December 20, 2012

Man's humanity to man: a tribute to tender kindness at Christmas

Here's to a soup kitchen Christmas,
in a warehouse filled with good cheer.
Here's to a little old lady,
as she smiles at a kind  volunteer.
It's served on a plate made of paper.
It's not what you give the elite.
It's made with a love and compassion
no gourmet from Paris could beat.
There's a man playing Santa,
he's there every year,
even though he has family of his own.
He distributes the gifts with a laugh and a hug,
and reminds them that they are not alone.
So here's to a soup kitchen Christmas.
No sadness or loneliness there.
Here's to the warmth and the safety,
A peaceful and joyous affair.
Look in your heart when its Christmas.
Are there debts that you never repaid?
People you never forgiven?
Apologies you've never made?
There's misfortune around
that you seem not to see,
even though it's in front of your nose.
But for God's grace,
you're the one all alone,
disheveled in raggedy clothes.
So here's to a soup kitchen Christmas.
Above hangs the Bethlehem star.
Like it did o'er a child in a manger,
in a time and a place very far.
He said,   "Give to the hungry and homeless,
give hope to a desperate plight."
Come find the meaning of Christmas
in a soup kitchen on a cold Christmas night.

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