Friday, April 19, 2013

Old nuns had values: international eggheads have none

My first exposure to the United Nations gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling.


I was just a kid in the first  grade when our teacher handed out little pint-size cartons emblazoned with the word UNICEF.


This stood for the United Nations Children's Fund and we were encouraged to carry this container around Halloween night.


The underprivileged children of the world could benefit from my greedy quest to collect Nestlé's Crunch and Reese's peanut butter cups.


I dutifully returned the carton to Sister Lucien and our homeroom was one of the top producers because of the jingling coins collected on the evening of October 31.


Sister was  pleased.


We had taken the time to assist the United Nations in their effort to improve the lives of hungry children.


As I got a little bit older, history class introduced the noble efforts of President Woodrow Wilson forming the League of Nations.


The history lesson concluded with the joyful declaration that the United Nations  carried the ambitious torch of peace envisioned by President Wilson.


Since that time, I've continued a general admiration for the international coming together that had become a reality in the beautiful United Nations building in New York City.


Occasionally, I was disappointed to hear  dictatorships use the United Nations as a forum to issue the occasional diatribe.


It's also disillusioning when China and Russia veto efforts to reel in rogue nations such as North Korea and Iran.


Despite these negatives, I have been encouraged by  the concept that there is a place where countries  discuss their differences instead of resolving them through war.


There is no doubt that the UN is imperfect, but at least an international meeting place exists.


In addition, many disaster relief efforts have been coordinated through the good graces of the United Nations.


Recently, however, a shocking development emerged.


Juan Mendez, the UN's special envoy on  torture, issued a  report stating that governments refusing abortions are committing an act of torture.


Yes, you read that right.


A special white paper commissioned for the United Nations now declares that abortion denial is a severe human rights violation tantamount to an act of torture.


What kind of world do we live in when the macabre process of dismembering and decapitating a child developing in the womb constitutes something we should promote as an important international human right?


The unspeakable suffering of that innocent little pre-born baby during the abortion procedure is real Nazi-style torture.


This demonstrates that our modern culture will tolerate evil in its most horrific bloody form.


The United Nations now classifies state legislators courageously passing laws to protect the unborn as torturers.


It's time to sell the UN building to Donald Trump for a new  apartment complex.


Whisper an apology to  President Wilson.


He never envisioned the endorsement of atrocity.


Oh, and one more thing.


Don't send your kid to my house with a Unicef box.


Even Sister Lucien would turn away from the UN of today.


Have a nice day.

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