Thursday, January 16, 2014

Houlihan the Weatherman he ain't, but that's OK

Channel 19 Television news weatherman Jeff Tanchak is one of my favorites on the local broadcast scene here in Northeast Ohio.


His style is extremely energetic and animated. Some people have criticized him by  describing his style as sensationalistic.


These critics indicate that  Tanchak frequently delivers his weather forecast in a fashion designed to inspire fear.


These critics cynically claim that he  wants to create fear in his audience so that viewers will feel compelled to continue to watch his broadcast as a way of protecting themselves against the onslaught of some oncoming weather disaster.


They claim that  Tanchak essentially is saying the following: You better stay tuned to my broadcast, because if you fail to do so you may get wiped out by a tornado without warning.


I disagree with these naysayers that don't like Jeff Tanchak's high-volume intense delivery.


He is  a refreshing contrast with the velvet voiced blown dry pretty boy frequently chosen as a TV meteorologist because of a handsome face and dulcet tones.


That's why readers of this column should realize that when it comes to Jeff Tanchak, I am a fan.


Now that doesn't mean Jeff Tanchak doesn't go a little too far on occasion.


One of those occasions occurred two weeks ago on a Tuesday night when temperatures fell well below zero and the wind chill dropped to bizarrely low levels.


It was in fact a dangerous time for seniors and small children. Schools were closed for two days.


However, in the 10 o'clock broadcast on that Tuesday evening, Jeff Tanchak went on a brief rant.


He peered into the camera and raised his voice to a fever pitch, announcing to the audience that these super-low  temperatures made him very angry.


He wasn't angry at municipal employees failing to plow the snow. He wasn't angry at education officials that might have been too slow to close our institutions of learning.


No, believe it or not, he told the entire world that he was angry at the temperatures themselves. He was enraged that a frigid front had made its way into our land of the Western Reserve.


Now really, Jeff, are you kidding me?


You are an outstanding meteorologist and one of the very dynamic broadcasters of weather information.


But I've got to tell you, that broadcast just made you look stupid. It hurts your credibility when you act as if the weather itself has some kind of human personality at which you can direct your wrath.


The weather can't defend itself, Jeff. That's because it's not human, and is merely an expression of scientific principles that you were taught during your many years of meteorological education.


Jeff Tanchak, I'm just hoping that you experienced a brief mental lapse, as opposed to trying to increase viewership with this ridiculous approach.


You've many years of great success ahead of you.


Just do me a favor and leave mother nature alone. She isn't real and all of us just want to know what you can tell us about the weather.


OK, I feel better now.

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  1. nice post! It is the right of mother nature to thrive but we are taking this right away by performing cruel acts of cutting trees and destroying natural places. We should think about this as it is for our own betterment.