Thursday, February 20, 2014

United Nations making sense for a change

For years, the international community has been criticized in the United States because of the efforts of various state legislatures, including Ohio, to limit and restrict abortion activity.


The battle cry of these mostly European liberals has centered around a woman's right to determine what she does with a conglomeration of cells in her own body. They view  abortion as no more significant than having a wart removed.


Unfortunately for the  pro-abortion crowd, a recent United Nations report released on Monday shows a little crack in the international armor frequently worn by those who want to end the life of the unborn.


The new report catalogs scores of human rights violations taking place in North Korea: Murder, rape, and the systematic torture of those who oppose the government. The report was commissioned by the UN and written by a former judge from Australia.


Some have glossed  over one of the major concerns listed in this comprehensive report. This highlighted human rights violation is the act of forced abortions.


If abortion is merely the removal of irrelevant tissue, then why is a forced abortion considered a human rights violation?


The answer is obvious.
The  United Nations commission recognizes that a forced abortion constitutes the violent death of a child brutally and bloodily extracted from a horrified mother.


Take that, international community. The United Nations has recognized the importance of the unborn child and the tragic consequences visited upon a mother who loses that child at the hands of the abortionist.


The report also contains a letter from the United Nations commission asking the Chinese government to help put pressure on North Korea to cease and desist in undertaking these horrible human rights atrocities.


The director of the commission felt that North Korea's superpower ally would be the country most likely to have some influence over Kim Jong-un, the egotistical North Korean leader.


Unfortunately, the commissioners have forgotten that China itself, with its one child per family policy, has been and continues to engage in the diabolical practice of forcing women onto the gurney at the point of a gun to  engage in their version of forced fetal executions.


Listen folks, if an organization such as the United Nations is willing to admit that abortion is a horror, then the rest of us need to rally the rest of the world to do something.


If getting mankind to stop forced abortions in North Korea becomes the first step in stopping the unprecedented destruction of pre-born life throughout the world, and I'm all for it and am willing to support the United Nations in this effort.


During World War II, humanitarians urged President Franklin Roosevelt to do everything in his power to put an end to the merciless destruction of the Jews at the hands of the godless and satanic Nazi regime.


The innocent unborn child faces the same death camp as did our Jewish brothers and sisters in the 1940s.


Are you still willing to be silent?

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  1. The report of United Nations Commission gives us a different viewpoint of the term abortion and considers it a violation of human rights. Thanks for sharing the points of the report with us.