Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mickey Mouse Proves To Be Less Than Perfect

Mickey Mouse's little world got rocked recently.


You see, the Disney Corporation built their own little town in Florida a few years ago.


Celebration, Florida. No kidding.  That's the name of the town. Celebration.


Complete with music piped into the town square through speakers hidden in perfectly manicured hedges.


  They even have a little choo-choo train to move people around town.  Cute commute.


Homes sold quickly as Americans found a perfect patch of the idealized family life.


It was like having Mayberry where every woman was Aunt Bee and every man was Andy Taylor.


In Celebration, no town drunk, no crime, just happy happy with no problems.


Until a couple of weeks ago.


It seems that Mickey may not be the morale icon we thought he was.


Recently a Celebrant, Matteo Giovanditto, turned up murdered in his own Condo.


A few days later, a homeowner shot himself dead in this perfect patch.


The citizens have been less celebratory as a result.  It must have been  like walking into a bar and finding Donald Duck necking with a hooker.


 Some things ain't right, I tell you.


A movie from a few years back described a town called Pleasantville where life on the surface was as peaceful as a 1950's sitcom.  The colorless makeup of the city wears off to reveal the truth of human passion and compassion.  The citizens feel more alive and even therefore, discover inspiration in their flaws.


Of course, the recent mayhem in Florida is not a good thing.


However, maybe these Celebration folks might get the message most of us already know:  you can't escape our own imperfect hearts.


Despite our most ambitious efforts,  Minnie somewhere will call 911 to report a rodenticide.  Even in Celebration.


So welcome, Celebration, to our world.  It's not perfect, but truth is, perfection can't be found.


The Magic Kingdom is a fantasy.


After all, I just saw Snow White and Sneezy taking hits off a bong in the parking lot at the mall.


 Hi Ho Hi Ho.

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