Friday, January 14, 2011

Beware Fiction Posing As Reality

Fiction can be unfair. The following story is pure political fiction, something Tom Clancy might consider plot-worthy.  It is absolutely untrue.


As Vince Foster sat in the comfortable leather chair in the smoking room of a country club in a posh Washington suburb, he couldn't believe what he was hearing.


Two days later, Park police discovered Foster's body, the victim of an apparent suicide.


You see, Foster, unfortunately, told some very important people that the plan hatched by White House operatives went too far.


This seems to be what happened.


Powerful and rich, those who are the brokers of all the real important decisions  in the Clinton White House developed a secret plan to minimize the ability of conservative leaders to launch a political comeback in the United States.


The project was dubbed "The Manchurian Project"  because of its similarity to the plot in a political thriller called the Manchurian Candidate that later became a very popular movie. In the Manchurian Candidate, a patsy is programmed psychologically to carry out an assassination when exposed to certain visual cues.


The plan that came out of the Clinton White House was developed by Professor Florence MacKenna. It was a very straightforward plan for carrying out psychological espionage.


It went something like this. In order to stem the tide of conservative politicians making headway, conservative political thought would be portrayed in the media as inciting violence and therefore dangerous. So dangerous that the public would be afraid to identify with conservative thinking or rhetoric.


The idea was to accumulate a list of people with psychological problems and  have them focus their violent attitudes in the political arena. Have them listen to Rush Limbaugh every day and get them to see Glenn Beck as a religious leader, instead of merely as a political commentator.


Foment their anger by connecting them with other crazies. Send them literature inspiring hate as a catalyst for irrational action. Finally, make sure that they have access to weapons and opportunities to commit heinous acts of violence.


If this plan were to work, it's launch could tamp down a resurgence in conservative political power just when those with a liberal political power base would need it.


When Vince Foster's objections to this plan were voiced several years ago in that oak paneled smoking room, Vince Foster became dangerous to the cause and he disappeared from the scene.


No one knows what became of the Manchurian Project or Professor MacKenna. You won't find anything about it on the Internet or in your local library.


That's because this entire story is fiction. Dangerous fiction.


In some ways, no more and no less dangerous than making up the connection between conservative talk shows and the shooter in Arizona.


The fiction that I invented deserves no credibility. So why has the media given credibility to those who have drawn a connection between conservative political pundits and recent acts of violence?


Fiction is fiction, and those  willing to portray fiction as reality are willing to tell any lie to the public if it serves their interests. Be warned.



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