Thursday, January 27, 2011

Obama "Oopsy-Daisy"

Teachers unions throughout the country were scratching their heads over a major "oops" in Tuesday's State of the Union address.


Here's the scoop. Obama's  speech praised the Bruce Randolph School in Denver, Colorado for its dramatic turnaround.


The President stared into the camera for dramatic effect and repeated the words of one student:  "Thank you Principal Waters, for showing us that we are smart and that we can make it."


A touching moment in presidential speechifying.


Unfortunately, the crack presidential research team overlooked one tiny inconvenient truth: Bruce Randolph School excelled by throwing out union rules and school district supervision.


Principal Kristin Waters put kids first, by fighting for and winning autonomy from the teachers union contract and from the bureaucracy of the school district.


The National Education Association union was none too happy to hear their president praising a union-busting school principal. You'd  be unhappy too if it sounded like a double-cross by a politician that's been properly bought and paid for.


 To be fair to the President, the  NEA can't complain too much.


After all, Obama recently cut off funding for private school vouchers in the District of Columbia. This will help prop-up the continuing culture of incompetence in public education.


Virginia Walden Ford, Director of D.C. Parents For School Choice, complains that Obama puts the interests of the Union above concern for poor children.


So listen up, teachers union. It was just a stupid mistake. Leave the President alone. Maybe Biden's gaffluenza is just rubbing off on the President.


Obama will not make this mistake again. I understand that he is getting research tips from his two daughters.


You see, the presidential daughters have developed terrific research skills while attending Sidwell Friends Middle School in tony Georgetown. The Obama's can afford the tuition at the elite private school.


 Choosing the best school for your children is great, isn't it?

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