Friday, May 6, 2011

Obama gives haircut to The Hair

          It's one thing to take it on the chin on occasion.


          It's quite another to be the victim of a complete lashing at the hands of your foe.


          For Donald Trump, the final sword  was inserted into his hide Sunday night last week.


          Stick a fork in him.


          The first blow came when Birther  Don was confronted with the President's release of his long form Birth Certificate.


          Unbelievably, someone counseled the President to hold this certificate in reserve ---- until now.


          The man of the unexplainable hair was caught totally off  balance as he press conferenced his way into his see-what-I-did position.


          Trump came off as a lightweight unwilling to admit he'd been bested.


          The second shot hit the mark on New York's biggest ego when the President delivered a hysterical standup at the White House Correspondence dinner.


          The jokes were more than humor at Trump's expense.  They told the country that Trump remains a minor league prospect while Obama is a major league star.


          Trump, present at what suddenly became his own roast, sat quietly and forced a few smiles.


          Man, that was painful to watch.


          The cou-de-grat and the final mortal strike came that next Sunday night.


          Donald's claim to fame, his shockingly trivial Celebrity Apprentice NBC reality show, was winding  down toward another exciting revelation as to who would be fired.


          Instead of joyfully basking in another glow of juiced up Nielsen ratings, Trump saw his own TV show interrupted by guess who?


          You got it right.  The biggest Obama boosting news of the entire Obama Presidency overrode Celebrity Apprentice.


          Millions of Americans saw the President announce Bin Laden's dramatic death instead of the conclusion of Trump's television show.


          Apart from the fact that the news was great for a President who needed some good news, the timing could not have been worse for Trump.


          Game, set, and match.


          Real estate mogul turned television producer gets skewered by skillful politician.


          Look, the Bin Laden story is good for America.  Wasn't it terrific to see young people on Times Square and on Pennsylvania  Avenue waiving the flag and celebrating our national exceptionalism and our militaryt?


          But don't miss the fact that one politician wannabe just got outfoxed by one of the best.


          Republicans, take note.


          When it comes to politics, this is one tough hombre.


  Just ask the hair.



David M. Lynch

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