Friday, May 27, 2011

Yahoo! for Mr. Netanyahu

In late December of 1941, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill addressed a somber joint session of the United States Congress.  His words were inspiring and rang true like the bell in a church steeple on an otherwise quiet morning.


He spoke of liberty and democracy and the unique role of the United States of America as a beacon for freedom throughout the world.


Some of you may not have noticed, but last week , Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, delivered a similarly stirring appeal to the American lawmakers in another somber joint session.


If you have access to YouTube, invest 45 minutes  in viewing and listening to Netanyahu's inspiring words. He fully illuminates the role of Israel as the last best hope for the survival of democracy in the Middle East.


He also demonstrates the importance of America fulfilling its destiny as the champion of those who seek to break the shackles of tyranny. If America turns its back on the embattled democratic nation of Israel, dire consequences await.


Netanyahu draws clear parallels between Hitler's march across Europe and militant Islam's expansion throughout the Middle East and Europe.


The rousing words of this courageous Prime Minister contrast sharply with President  Obama's  recently expressed desire that Israel shrink its borders back to where they existed prior to the Six-Day War in which  Israel   drove back three powerful Arab nations that threatened to wipe out this tiny Jewish nation.

President Obama's words feel like appeasement Neville Chamberlain style to me.

             We should never forget that Israel was created by the Allies after World War II in order to ensure that the chosen people of the Old Testament had a safe national land where the threats of another Holocaust could never materialize.


Six million Jews perished at the hands of satanic forces wearing a Swastika.  

The leaders of Iran and Palestine continue to reassert their objective of annihilation of the Jews. They even deny  the existence of the concentration camps that housed unspeakable atrocities.


The miraculous Six-Day War  victory in 1967 provided Israel with new borders that created a secure buffer for the infant country which can not be reduced without inviting further attack by those sworn to destroy the every Jewish citizen.  The speech last week in the Capitol made that much clear.

But this speech did much more. 

It reminded Americans of what it means to be an American.  It means standing up for justice and being counted when liberty is under attack, especially when the attack is against our long term friends and allies.

I hope the President watches that speech as well.

As we celebrate Memorial Day,  Mr. President,  remember our friends who also shed blood for the cause we hold so dear: Liberty. 

The border can not go back and America must stand tall against despots.

Three cheers for Mr. Netanyahu.

David M. Lynch

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