Friday, June 10, 2011

Bloody Susan G. Komen

    Imagine that the year is 1940, and you are asked to support a worthwhile charity that also donates funding to a women's health clinic operated by the Nazi party in Germany.


    My guess is that you would take a pass on supporting this otherwise well intended charity. You would tell the solicitor that allowing any money to go to the Nazi party is immoral, even if the monies involved supported only  limited beneficial services carried out by Hitler's followers.


    In fact, it would seem obvious that the evil atrocities of the Nazis in torturing and murdering millions of Jews are so heinous that Der Fuehrer's success in providing hospital services to non-Jews could never prove to be a justification for allowing one dollar of your money to find its way into Swastika-emblazoned  coffers. Even if you could be certain that your dollar went to provide medical service only.


    Fast-forward to a graduation ceremony I attended at a large well-known Catholic University just a few weeks ago. An honorary degree was bestowed upon a wonderful lady who supported this college for many years in many ways. One of the achievements of her life trumpeted during her introduction was her dedication to  the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.


    I almost fell off my seat.


    The Susan G. Komen Foundation donates millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood   to provide breast cancer screening and other medical services to women in poor neighborhoods.


    The largest provider of abortions in America is Planned Parenthood. In the United States alone, Planned Parenthood reports that they average 300,000 abortions under their roof every year.


    Someone very close to me in my family is a breast cancer survivor and to all that know her she is a real hero, conducting herself with grace and courage. She supported the Komen Foundation in the past but now refrains because of Komen's willing support  of Planned Parenthood.


    There are many other organizations and research institutes fighting breast cancer. Find them and support them if you want to participate in the battle against this dreaded disease.


    Whatever you do, make sure that the pink ribbon you display does not mean that you've donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Even the Komen Foundation admits that  childbirth reduces a woman's likelihood of getting breast cancer.  In another words,  abortion increases the cancer risk.


    I've seen the Planned Parenthood facilities in Shaker Heights and Bedford. Body parts of little pre-born children are trucked away from the back  of the building like so much useless garbage.

    The scene reminds me of those sickening grainy films of the death camp at Auschwitz where a bulldozer moved limbs and torsos  and skulls from one part of the camp to another.  In this deathcamp,  Dr. Josef Mengele, the Third Reich's "Angel of Death",  specialized in unspeakable experiments often involving dismembering men, women, and children while they were alive.


    Repulsive. Horrifying. Evil.


    Bloody Susan G. Komen, why must you do this?


    Fight the good fight against breast cancer but stop sending millions to the organization that embodies genocide in the modern world.  The blood of the innocents oozes out of the surgery room at the local Planned Parethood center and leaks into the room where other services are offered.  Get away from this toxic association with evil.


    It's 1940 all over again and we must stand up for those unborn children who can't make their voice heard over the whine of the electric scalpel and suction device.

     Spread the word.

    Do not support Bloody Susan G. Komen. 

    At least not until Bloody Susan is willing to tell Dr. Mengele that she will no longer associate with his murderous exploits. 

David M. Lynch


  1. David, GREAT JOB exposing Komen and exposing PP. I reposted this commentary to my facebook page. God bless you. - Dawn Elizabeth Slike, former Operations Director, Lake County Right to Life, Mentor OH

  2. Thank you David Lynch for spreading the word about Komen and Planned Parenthood's abortion industry. There is a report of a Komen meeting with Right-To-Life officials at

    It strongly reinforces your important column.

    -Bob Enyart, spokesman
    American Right To Life

  3. Excellent article, David! Colorado Right to Life has been protesting Denver's SG Komen Race for the Cure for a decade.

    Keep carrying the torch for truth!

  4. From your article: "The blood of the innocents oozes out of the surgery room at the local Planned Parethood center and leaks into the room where other services are offered." I'm going to use that line next time a person going in to the Planned Parenthood murder mill in Denver says, "I'm not going in for an abortion." Thank you, David Lynch!

  5. Funds raised by Susan G. Komen for the Cure in Northeast Ohio are not used to fund Planned Parenthood clinics or other abortion providers. Programs funded by Komen save lives.

    We reviewed these facts with Bishop Richard Lennon of the Cleveland Catholic Diocese in May 2010, who was satisfied that the funds raised in the Diocese are going to help prevent and cure breast cancer, without violation of Catholic teaching. Thank you for the opportunity to present this information. We invite readers to learn more about Komen’s programs at

    Sophie Sureau, Executive Director
    Susan G. Komen for the Cure Northeast Ohio Affiliate