Friday, June 17, 2011

Where Seldom Is Heard A Discouraging Tweet

The other day the First graduating Class of Wyoming Catholic College celebrated its inaugural commencement in Lander, Wyoming.
This would not normally be particularly newsworthy except for the fact that these young men and women had survived.
You see,  these brave souls in caps and gowns have been subjected to the cruel  unique policies of the university that distinguished this place of learning as a  true social torture chamber. To be honest with you, I am shocked that the ACLU or Al Sharpton haven't shown up on campus to end the awful  conditions that have been imposed on the students at Wyoming Catholic College.
What kind of cvilized society allows this kind of abuse of our young people?
You should know of such heinous practices so you can protect  those in your family from similar outrages.
It's almost  too unspeakbale to reprint here but we must name evil in order to confront it.
Not anywhere on campus.  Not in the dorms.  Not in the quad.  Not in the hallways.  Not ever anyplace.
And it gets worse.  No computer has internet access except for  library workstations where a human monitor observes the student.  No secret laptop hidden in the frat house to connect with cyberspace. Computers owned by students  may be used only for word processing to prepare homework and papers. No television and no video games on campus either.
Oh the Humanity!
The President of the University,  Father Robert Cook, tries to justify the atrocity of enforcing these inhumane rules by explaining that  his students are free from distractions, promoting a more moral environment.  He adds that  the rules force more direct interaction between students and between faculty and students. People are forced to communicate face to face instead of through technology creating an impersonal barrier between them.
As far as the internet goes,  Father Cook,  a Stanford-trained attorney, tells the students that God gave them the greatest computers ever created in the form of their own minds.  He argues that its healthy to leave inferior technologies behind for four years and then return to them after graduation if they choose.
If you as a citizen are concerned that our college attendees are the targets of such insanity as described in this column,  contact your congressman.
After all,  without cell phones and email on campus,  how will congressmen be able to send illicit photos to unsuspecting  coeds?
David M. Lynch

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