Friday, July 22, 2011

Constitution Found in the Heart

When the Supreme court says something is unconstitutional, it may be wrong.


If you are a state legislator, you have to make your own decision and stand up for what you know is the constitutionally correct position, despite wrongheaded jurists in Washington.


Here's the point: if you know a court ruling is wrong, don't cop-out by blaming nine black robes for your inexcusable vote on a piece of legislation.


Take the Dred Scott decision from the Supremes in 1857. Here the nation's highest court ruled that a  slave living in a free state  is " mere property"  and accorded no rights whatsoever.


 If she had been around in the  Dred Scott era, would State Representative Lorraine Fende  of Willowick have been  able to justify voting down a bill creating rights for  slaves because Dred Scott obligated her to abide by the high court's view?


Of course not. Ridiculous.


Well,  the equivalent just took place about two weeks ago. Fende voted no on the "heartbeat"  bill designed to protect unborn children from the horrible fate of abortion if their heartbeat can be detected. A News-herald article featured her cowardly defense of her action. She told a reporter from the news Herald that she is pro-life but had to vote no because she and others found the bill  unconstitutional.


You cannot vote against this bill and be pro-life.


Remember Dred Scott.


The bill is constitutional because it grants constitutional protections to all people, including those just beginning life in the womb.


Roe versus Wade may be current law but it was as wrong and as unconstitutional as Dred Scott was.


Being pro-life doesn't just mean you oppose abortion. Being pro-life means you understand that the unborn child  is as much a person as was  Dred Scott when he asked  the nine black robes to recognize his humanity.


For years, politicians in the South hid  behind Supreme Court rulings that said "separate but equal" facilities for whites and blacks were constitutional.


These rulings protected of the moral depravity of racism.


The moral depravity of abortion for the time being has such protection today.


Rise above it, Representative Fende. Come out into the sunlight of truth to support truly constitutional measures to halt the genocide of our times.


In Brown versus the Board of Education, the Supreme Court admitted it had been wrong for many years in allowing Jim Crow to lurk in our school systems. That was little consolation to those victimized by the race haters of that period.


                What consolation will there be for the innocent children already brutalized and murdered before birth   when the nation finally rises up to protect  these children through our courts?


Will Fende smile and say, "Oops! I was just following the Supreme Court's view of what is constitutional"?


             Look,  Rep. Fende is by all accounts a conscientious and dedicated legislator. 


But sometimes you make a deal with the devil when you hide behind those nine black robes. Don't do it Lorraine Fende.


 It ain't right.  Your heart tells you it ain't right.


Millions of silenced voices are calling from the dumpster-graveyards behind abortion clinics.  They want you to know that the constitution was intended for them as well.

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