Saturday, July 16, 2011

Does Lennon Notice The Stink in Pink?

The Bishop of Toledo just threw a fastball inside and chin-high as a continuing challenge to Susan G. Komen's  misguided association with Planned Parenthood (America's number one abortion provider) and to chastise Komen's refusal to establish an anti-embryonic stem cell  research policy.


Millions recognize the tragedy inherent in the loss of innocent life found in abortions and embryonic stem cell research. Bishop Leonard Blair wrote recently that the Bishops of Ohio were directing Catholic fundraising previously assisting the Komen Foundation to be "channeled elsewhere."


The bishops want to avoid Komen support, according to Blair, to avoid  " even the possibility of cooperation in morally unacceptable activities".


I won't repeat a column I wrote in June demonstrating that your support for Komen aides those who operate the bloody abortion gallows of Planned Parenthood.


Blair's letter demonstrates the Ohio bishops don't want to be even indirectly associated with Komen as long as one penny of the foundation's  money goes to Planned Parenthood for any purpose. The dismembered remains of little unborn babies are repulsive garden ornaments found in the front yard of Susan G. Komen. Don't go in there.


The leader of the Toledo diocese admitted that Toledo Komen Chapter funds do not go to embryonic stem cell research. However, Blair said Komen refuses to adopt a national policy against this threat to unborn children. The Prelate finds this flaw  unacceptable and urged redirection of Komen dollars to others also fighting  breast cancer.


Which leads me to a more local question.


Where does the Bishop of the Cleveland Diocese stand?


In response to my column blogged in June, the executive director of the North East Ohio chapter of Komen's Race For the Cure implied that Bishop Lennon approved Komen donations as morally acceptable in December of 2010.


Is this true?


I find it hard to believe that Blair expressed concerns of the Bishops of Ohio without support from he  who leads our state's largest Catholic diocese.


Today I am figuratively  knocking on the great wooden door of the  Roman Catholic Chancery at East  9th Street  and  Superior in downtown Cleveland.


Please, Bishop Lennon, let the world know you haven't lost your sense of smell.


Let Clevelanders know that you share the wisdom of Blair's position and that the foul stench of death is far too strong to allow Catholic dollars be found Komen coffers.


Please tell your flock that Komen's good acts  are  tragically poisoned  by policy flaws and a willingness to share donations with  Planned Parenthood, regardless of the intent or final use of those funds.


Strike your  holy  shepherd's crook against the forces of evil and watch the good that comes of it.  Whole armies of Angels will lift you up.


  1. Thanks David...and thanks Dawn for passing this on!