Thursday, January 12, 2012

Your obsession with cheap helps build The Great Wall(mart) of China

Be afraid. Be very afraid.


My recent trip to Asia caused me to do a little investigating of India's behemoth neighbor, the Peoples Republic of China.


Like the proverbial frog that calmly sits in a pot of water without noticing that the cook is making frog-leg soup, we as Americans have gone about our lives distracted by football games and reality shows while our national interest is destroyed by one of the  cruelest dictatorships in history.


It's bad enough that the Chinese government's one-child-per-couple policy has resulted in over 450 million abortions carried out at the point of a Chinese military revolver.


The worst part of it is that we are willingly walking into the Chinese buzz saw like zombies under the control of a Mongolian master.


The latest revelations involve  the Chinese government's  control of the Internet and computer manufacturing.


A few years ago the Chinese government formed a new division of the  their military operation dedicated solely to cyber warfare.


On the island of Hainan, off the Chinese coast in the Gulf of Tonkin, there resides a gigantic army of well- trained military who spend all their time hacking into computers and computer controlled security systems throughout the world.


The Chinese have accumulated a list of the most important American military information technology systems and various private computer systems with information critical to our national security.


This conglomeration of vital computer controlled systems is referred to as the GhostNet. The Chinese have directed these government employees to hack into the GghostNet in order to maintain a perpetual advantage over the defense systems of the United States.


The potential is terrifying.


They know as much about White House operations as the Secret Service.


 It may be that as of this very moment the Secretary of Defense of the United States of America lacks the ability to control the deployment of computer-controlled rocket systems.


These people are not our friends.


This next item is also quite chilling.


Steve Jobs' beloved Apple  Corporation and  thousands of other computer manufacturers continue to outsource computer assembly and fabrication to factories in the People's Republic of China.


With the authoritarian government of Communist China regulating factories, it is feared that the Chinese-made computers are all equipped with a doomsday chip buried somewhere in the central processing unit of every computer they make.


This Trojan horse scheme would allow the Chinese government to shut down, monitor, or even take over computer activity at the Pentagon and even that laptop you use at Starbucks to catch up on the success of your fantasy baseball team.

             When you support Chinese manufacturing through your purchase of that low-cost product at Walmart, you also lend support to a government that seeks world domination through intimidation and violence.

Remember Tiananmen Square?

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

             And then do something about it.

             Do not buy products manufactured in China and do not support politicians willing to turn a blind eye to human rights violations in China.

             Some worry that the red Dragon is coming.

             I tell you that the red Dragon is already here and he stands ready to devour your children. Apocalyptic.

             Do something about it before it's too late.

             Chairman Mao does not deserve a place at the table of freedom-loving nations.

Stop inviting him into your home.


  1. I cannot grasp how we got here. Why did we ever agree to do business with any Communist Country, especially China! How true the words of Nikita Khrushchev when he said that our greed would bring us down.
    We are feeding our destroyer and he is fat!

  2. DAVID,
    This is an absolute truth! We must stop buying China products and buy American made items. We must support the small businesses, who built the backbone of the American economy. Now they are being crushed. Over taxed, Over regulated, and put out of business. Yes, It's time to wake up America!
    P.S. I learned from a friend last night at a meeting I attended that you wrote articles for this newspaper, so I did a search and found you here! You should have told me!!! Now I have more great articles to share with my e-mail groups! So glad you're back home safe from your trip overseas.
    Take Care and God Bless,

  3. I would like to comment on your article from Jan.9,2012, it took me this long because this is not something I would normally do.
    You said we as Americans should kiss the ground for how lucky we are & this is so true but I as American that spent several months in India came back with a sadness for our country because while I was there it made me realize how a Great Country like the U.S. is really clueless. In India where they have so little they are always smiling & appreciate what they have. We that have so much do not have near the happiness or peace that they have these people have, we just want want more. Will Greed be our demise?

    Thank You Bobbie