Thursday, January 24, 2013

Be compassionate and omit the asterisk in your life

Today I want to talk about the asterisk.


It's the little escape hatch supposedly pro-life politicians use.


Here's the way the asterisk works.


I'm  pro-life.*


*Except in the case of rape or incest.


And it's not just politicians.


It's regular citizens who profess dedication to protection of the unborn, but who feel a sense of compassion for rape victims.


This compassion, to them, means that those who have suffered the unspeakable crime of rape should be permitted to abort.


There is some appeal in this approach.


After all, hasn't a rape victim been through enough?


Don't we perpetuate the ghastly crime by imposing nine months of carrying and then delivering the fruit of this horrific act?


That is too much for anyone to bear.


Christian love, it is argued, means tenderness for the traumatized victim of sexual violence.


Senate candidate Richard Mourdock was excoriated last fall because of his response to a question about abortion and rape.


He did not support abortion rights in this circumstance, because "God intended it to happen."


An asterisk free response.


The media launched a vicious attack.


What kind of demonic person would call rape part of God's plan?


But Mourdock didn't mean that God plans the rape.


He meant that God planned, for whatever reason, that a precious child emanate from this heinous act.


In other words, God did not plan the rape, but he did intend that a beautiful new child should emerge.


A child that deserves the chance to live and breathe on God's earth.


Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the child's conception.


The Senate candidate from Indiana felt it was wrong to punish an innocent child with a death sentence for an act it had nothing to do with.


He did embrace compassion.


Compassion for the unborn child.


Mourdock's courageous position cost him the election.


What do you think?


Before you answer that, I'd like you to meet someone.


His name is Jason Lovins.


His popular rock band tours America, selling CDs and packing in crowds at their concerts.


Jason's band is booked solid.


His mother was brutally raped at age 15.


Yes, the offender was evil.


But the little baby that resulted was not.


The teenage girl chose life, supported by her family.


Her mother was decimated by the news of what had happened to her precious daughter.


But she couldn't imagine ending the life of the new soul that was without fault.


And because of this, Jason was born.


Are you truly compassionate?


Contact Jason Lovins.


If you go to his website,, you'll find several ways to communicate with him.


Would you wish him into oblivion because you would've supported his wounded mother's right to send his dismembered prenatal body to a medical waste dump?



With loving sensitivity for the involuntarily impregnated, true compassion chooses life.


If you are pro-life, be pro-life.


The gifts  Jason Lovins is giving the world cry out to you to carry out the following important task.


Lose the asterisk.






  1. If men could get pregnant, Planned Parenthood would be located next to the liquor store and they'd both have a drive-thru window.

    1. What a sad commentary on the lack of moral leadership on the part of men. I hope there are men strong enough to act with love and selflessness.

  2. The thing I best take away from your column is that Jason's mom had a choice. She was not forced by government law to carry that baby.
    It's very easy for people not in that position to come to your conclusion. What happens if Jason's mom didn't have a strong family that supported her?
    Sorry David as much as I hate the idea of an abortion I will not stand for a victim to become a criminal.

  3. You didnt talk about the incest*- so if a girl is impregnated by her dad or brother the family sits around the dinner table talking about what to name the baby ???

  4. I read today's paper with a smile seeing that I'm not the only person who questions your bigoted views. Marianne Cicerelli figured out your agenda. Civil rights, God's compassion these seem to be only reserved for certain members of our society. I appreciate all opinions, that's what makes our country a democracy, but someone has given you the"power of the pen", and you my friend are using it to spout your anti-Obama views. Baby boomer that you are, you should recognize this lyric, "times they are a changing".

    1. I also saw the letter and totally agree. I dont always read the Lynch blog because he is so anti- Obama and disrespectful of the office of the President that he is just too annoying ! For such a religious person he sure hates a lot of God's people.