Thursday, January 17, 2013

Joan of Arc homeland brings America's decline into focus

Hating the French.


It used to be easy.


Take the World War Two debt.


America saves their ungrateful keisters from Hitler and they never paid back the fortune we poured into the effort.


Andy Rooney once wrote about his eyewitness to chutzpah.


De Gaulle marching triumphantly into Paris like a liberator.


He led from the rear, while American blood paved the way for his cheesy return, riding a Sherman tank manufactured in Detroit.


And the snobbery.


It seems like the French national pastime is turning one's nose up at an American tourist who can't tell the difference between a baguette and a biscuit.


Anti-French sentiment reached a fever pitch in 2003,  when American troops entered Baghdad to overthrow Saddam Hussein.


On the floor of the United Nations, the French ambassador attacked American policy.


Outraged, an American congressman from Ohio  ordered the Capitol cafeteria chef to take french fries off the menu.


Last week  it all changed.


A French Phoenix has risen from the ashes of its condescending and ungrateful reputation.


Let's take Mali.


The French sent troops to assist the legally constituted Mali government under attack from Al Qaeda terrorists.


Who knew that the French would  lead the world in a noble crusade against jihadist bullies?


Raising cheers from Americans.


Another incident restored my faith in the land of Victor Hugo.


The streets of Paris were filled with an anti-gay marriage demonstration.


With a crowd  estimated as high as one million, it was acknowledged by French officials as the largest gathering  in decades.


Protesting the legalization of gay marriage.


In France!


And it wasn't just a bunch of those nasty Christians.


Jews, Muslims, and atheists joined the effort in large numbers.


Their message?




Government sanctioned same sex marriage puts the desires of adults over the needs of children.


Children who deserve the benefit of being raised in the wholesome environment of a one-man one-woman relationship.


These are the French!


I love blunt talk from a sophisticated culture.


I should've guessed the French would embrace the idea of heterosexual unions over the homosexual variety.


After all, who can forget Maurice Chevalier in "Gigi" singing,  "Thank heaven for little girls, without them what would little boys do?"


Here's the point.


The French are back in my good graces.


A long time ago, a French general named Lafayette came to the aid of George Washington to help defeat King George's redcoats.


Freedom took root and the American experiment carries on today.


 I hope our international rockstar president is paying attention.


Obama's timid stance in facing international challenges has projected a picture of a neutered America.




His recent press conference surrounded by children as he presented anti-gun initiatives belies his  hypocrisy.


He publicly embraces same-sex marriage despite its threat to the well-being of children.


In my book, the French are standing proud.


How about America, Mr. President?


Do we stand for anything anymore?


A message for you, Monsieur Baraque.


Vive la France!


  1. Monsieur Lynch can you elaborate on your military service to our nation?

  2. David, read your article twice and you know what I got out of it? The French haven't done anything right since the 18 century. Yet now they agree with you. I'll stay with your original thought they haven't been right for over 200 years. I'll play the odds they still aren't right. PWHP

  3. Ugg! Putting the rights of adults over children! Are you serious? Contrary to popular belief, people who are fighting to give equal rights to all Americans are putting their children’s future ahead of their own! Something this country used to believe in! You should be ashamed of yourself! To bring children into the picture as if the LGBT community was hurting them by trying to protect their lives and their safety! What a cheap shot that carries absolutely no basis! It is people like you that perpetuate this idiotic notion that only “some people” can be fully American. All children carry their own distinctive, diverse, characteristics which includes who they love and marry, whether that is to a person of the same or opposite sex. That is their choice and their RIGHT! If anyone is hurting the children of this country it is people like you who use their power and privilege to tell other people that they are not good enough. All I have to say to you Lynch is go live in France with the rest of the relics, and take whoever gave you a column at the News Herald with you! escarGOT!