Thursday, May 16, 2013

Opposing the sin but defending the rights of the sinner

President Obama wrote a book called "The Audacity of Hope."


In  this bestseller, the President describes his view of those on the pro-life side of the abortion issue.


He says that they should never be vilified because their beliefs are deeply held and based on a legitimate moral position.


He disagrees with that position, but understands it as a deeply held belief  not designed to take rights away from other citizens.


Which leads me to a discussion  with a very dear friend of mine.


This  gentleman has accepted his son's  announcement a few years ago that he was a homosexual.


The  dad asked me to write about his son's  struggle to express his love for another man in a society that makes it difficult.


Difficult because the legal rights that attach to marriage are often lacking in states that do not recognize gay marriage.


He referred to his son's need to access private medical information of his partner in a way that is equal to  husband and wife in a heterosexual marriage.


I told my friend that he was right about that.


He  asked me if I'd be willing to say that in this column.


I am.


Even though I do not endorse the gay lifestyle, I do endorse amending our laws to create a civil union status.


This  means the following: rights enjoyed in a marriage by a man and woman should be available to those bonded together in this civil union.


I do not want to change the definition of the word "marriage".


I want children to hear that word and know that it stands for a special relationship designed by the creator for the betterment of mankind.


Promotion of the gay lifestyle will lead  to the collapse of the family unit.


So why do I accept civil unions?


It's kind of a libertarian philosophy.


The Declaration of Independence embraces the concept that all Americans should be permitted to engage in the pursuit of happiness.


Single sex relationships do not  lead to true happiness. It's biblical.


But you should have the right to make that decision  yourself.


I will of course never change my position on abortion because the right to exist is the very most basic.


Abortion takes that right away from our most defenseless citizens at the bloody hands of the  abortion doctor.


Our creator gave us free will.


Our society should emulate that gift when it can do so without hurting others.


My friend, I know you love your son.


And so do I.


He is one of God's children.


Hate the sin but love the sinner.


In this crazy confusing world, we sometimes must express God's love by extending freedom in areas that make us feel very uncomfortable.


Today I feel very uncomfortable.


Nonetheless, if what you need to do to follow your heart doesn't hurt anyone else outside of your relationship, I cannot endorse laws that stand in your way.


Long live the traditional definition of marriage.


And here's to the  establishment of civil union statutes.



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