Thursday, May 23, 2013

Scraping by while the paint chips fly in the inner city

Utilitarian philosophy.


We live it today in modern society.


What does utilitarianism stand for?


It means anything goes if it will lead to some benefit.


Even if the innocent suffer.


So the recent revelations out of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore are no surprise.


Here's what happened.


Researchers wanted to determine the health effects of different levels of lead paint removal in inner-city homes.


The test subjects?


Small children.


Some homes had no paint removal.


Some had all the dangerous lead paint taken out.


And some houses were given a midrange level scraping off of Sherwin-Williams lead special.


Unfortunately, Goldilocks "just right" home caused her to suffer brain damage.


Lead paint will do that to kids.


Now, Goldilocks' parents have sued.


And well they should.


Knowingly exposing youngsters to the harmful lead chemical is inexcusable.


But the scientists wanted a definitive study that could prove useful to them.


Even if toddlers served as  guinea pigs.


Sorry, Billy, you landed in group A.


I guess it's just not your lucky day.


You'll be breathing and chewing Sunset Blue paint with  high lead content.


The  cells inside your cranium will be irreparably  compromised by the millions.


Jimmy across the street?


In his house, Fate (and Johns Hopkins) let him drink from the unleaded pump.


A Maryland Judge stated that "researchers intended that  the children be the canaries in the mines but never clearly told the parents."


This is reminiscent of the Tuskegee case study, which began in the 1930's.


In that scandal, poor black men infected with syphilis were denied penicillin to help accumulate statistical information.


President Clinton offered a solemn apology to Tuskegee survivors and concluded "Shame on America."


But the Hopkins paint study occurred in the 1990's.


I'm not surprised.


As I said, we are utilitarian America.


We tell women that their unborn child's death is acceptable in the name of convenience.


Need some stem cells?


No problem: we'll kill a few more pre-borns.


Tired of visiting your comatose wife in the hospital?


Don't worry: pulling the plug is okay in the USA.


For those of you sitting on the sidelines as the future of civilization is determined right before your eyes, I have a message.


If you do nothing, the utilitarians will find your demise useful for some reason.


And as they drag your apathetic keister away because they need your liver, remember.


You've been warned.


Now, get going.


The cause of true justice is calling to all of you.


Google "John's Hopkins Paint Study"  and read about our future.


Then work today to change tomorrow's history.


Stand with brave souls who pray silently at an abortion clinic sidewalk (


Vote for candidates who won't compromise on issues where negotiating means the loss of human life.


And speak up in every setting where people are listening.


Even at the cost of your popularity or social standing.


Little kids in poor neighborhoods are worth it.


Innocent babies in the womb are worth it.


And so is America.


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