Thursday, November 21, 2013

Long Island Medium causes extra large fear

It's high time  I got this off my chest.


On Sunday nights, The Learning Channel broadcasts a television program called the "Long Island Medium". My wife loves this show.


It features a middle-aged woman by the name of Theresa Caputo who is able to understand communications from the dead, which she then is able to pass on to the loved ones surviving the tragic loss.


I have to tell you that the program is pretty uplifting because Caputo is able to convey very important messages to those that are left behind.


The father who lost a son is  teary-eyed when Caputo explains to him that the son wants the father to know that the son's death was no fault of the father.


In other instances, a relative from the beyond, through the Long Island medium, explains why the survivor should not feel guilty for his absence at the very moment of death.


Also common from those that  cast in their chips is a directive to live one's life without fear and without guilt. The dearly departed is happy and she wants her family and her widowed husband to be happy also.


These readings in almost every instance are therapeutic for the living human who is the subject of these readings.


You can see the sense of relief and joy experienced by those who have been harboring the idea that they did something wrong or insensitive at the time a relative's death.


A great burden is lifted. The Long Island Medium preaches the gospel of forgiveness and compassion on behalf of those living beyond the grave.


In some ways, these messages really do make great sense because after all, who is more likely to be issuing forth with biblical advice than those that are  playing pinochle with Jesus.


Despite all of the positive feeling emanating from the compassionate work of the Long Island medium, I am troubled by a few aspects of this program.


And, by the way, it's not that I'm skeptical of her unique powers.


I believe that we all have a soul that lives on for eternity, so it doesn't seem  so far-fetched  to think that someone here on earth can hear messages conveyed to us by those we loved so much.


Think of it this way: we just don't have the equipment to receive the messages being transmitted.


But Theresa Caputo has a highly sophisticated radar dish so that she can hear things the rest of us are not equipped to receive.


I think her abilities are likely genuine.


What I'm troubled by is the source of her powers. I hope that her gifts come from God.


Problem is that it may be just as likely that her fantastic abilities come from a darker source.


Satanic rituals and other things occult frequently involve  receiving communications from spirits that once occupied bodies.


The Long Island Medium seems to be sincere in her desire to do good with the unique capabilities  apparently thrust upon her.


The problem that I have is that we just don't know who gave her these fantastic skills.


If it  comes from the good Lord, no one can criticize.


But maybe, just maybe, it all comes from the very dark nether world.


To me, there's no way to know for sure, and I'd rather just not take the chance.


So, Miss Caputo, you go ahead and read people so that you can hear the latest chatter from the other side.


Just in case source of your power is malevolent, I choose to stay clear of you and your abilities.


Make others happy, Long Island Medium.


But beware of the sinister that you may be unknowingly introducing or even unleashing.

Bottom line is that I am frightened by this TV show and what it might be embracing.

Caputo  I like but she  may be the dupe of the devil.

So let's  stear clear of this entertaining reader of souls.

And focus on our real problems in the real world.

We can get help from  a spiritual source if we want to.


It's called God.



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