Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mystery fans: Dial B for Butt Dial

Cell phone mania hasn't slowed down one single bit since the devices with ever advancing technology came on the scene many years ago.


Cell phone calls have become so inexpensive and the many applications they contain so valuable that we've reached the point where virtually everyone keeps their cell phone with them wherever they go.


It's not uncommon to see a girl wearing tight denim pants with her Verizon wireless device jammed into her rear hip pocket so tightly wedged in there that it looks like it's about buckle under the pressure.


I wonder if she can even get it out of her pocket to answer a call.


Which leads us to a phenomenon that developed just a few years ago called the butt dial.


This was originally referred to it as a pocket dial.


These cell phones are so touch sensitive and loaded up with instant dialing technology that sitting down or manipulating your body can cause the telephone to place an outgoing call without your knowing it.


The butt dial has led to some rather interesting events over the years.


Recently a life was saved because of a butt dial in Arkansas.


Larry Barnett unknowingly pocket dialed the intended victim of his murder plot while giving instructions to a hit man.


The intended victim heard the entire conversation and went straight to the police. Investigators uncovered a plot to blow up the poor man's  home.


Another butt dial is going to put Jason Bohn behind bars  for the rest of his life.


Danielle Thomas accidentally butt dialed a voice answering machine as Bohn was strangling her.


The chilling recording has the poor woman begging for her life throughout a 15 minute ordeal preserved as evidence in the prosecutor's case.


Lisa Meritz of the Huffington Post recently wrote about an intimate moment that she had with her husband.


The audio of that moment was accidentally overheard by one of her husband's business clients because of her hubby's inadvertent pocket dial.


My story is the way a butt dial inadvertently turned me into a hero.


I was talking to a very dear friend  about an associate who had been giving my friend a difficult time. As the conversation progressed, my friend butt dialed the very associate that was the subject of our discussion.


I was heard defending this associate ardently.


I listed several examples of the hard work and sincere effort of the gentleman who was the hot topic as I was speaking to my friend.


My friend and the associate were able to patch things up.


In the meantime, because of my kind words overheard, I was placed in very high regard.


My point is this.


The butt dial is here to stay. So watch what you say and where you say it.


And one more thing.


Be careful how you wiggle your tush.


You just might be dialing the White House and Michelle Obama doesn't need to hear how your hemorrhoids are doing.




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