Thursday, December 12, 2013

Man with the ears disses man of the year

Time magazine's selection of Pope Francis as Person of the Year demonstrates the importance of the Catholic Church in the world today.


In fact, the standard for selection of the annual Time Magazine award is based on the publication's standard that the Person of the Year must be someone who has had the most significant impact on the world.


Of course, it didn't hurt that Pope Francis has demonstrated a compassion  in keeping with the spirit of the original St. Francis.


What's  obvious  is that the Vicar of Christ occupies a position of immeasurable significance throughout the world.


Whenever there is an international incident or a major catastrophe, reporters turn to the leader of the Catholic Church for words of comfort and explanation.


It was no accident that two American presidents turned to the holy Pontiff in maintaining the kind of international pressure that  led to the collapse of the Berlin wall.


Lest you doubt the media's perception of the Holy Father, you should be reminded of the incredible gavel to gavel or should I say bell to bell coverage of the papal conclave.


Cameras perched high atop buildings throughout Rome were focused on the proceedings of papal succession. For weeks, time stood still as the world pondered who might ascend to the seat of St. Peter.


Which brings me to another goofy decision emanating from the Obama administration.


Last week, it was disclosed that the United States ambassador to the Holy See in Rome has been ordered to move from its own embassy building into the structure housing the American ambassador or to the country of Italy.


The State Department claims the decision is cost-saving and will enhance security.


There may be some truth in that.


But in this age where Catholic values and beliefs are discounted by an American government imposing mandatory health insurance guidelines that spit on the pro-life religious, this is a huge mistake.


Regardless of the stated rationale for this move, Catholics feel put upon by the Obama administration.


Just when the President is trying to convince the rest of the world that he respects the religious freedom of Catholics, he confirms the suspicions of those that criticize him by kicking the ambassador out of his freestanding digs  into a side room at the Italian Embassy.


The White House has been quick to point out that the ambassador to the Holy See will have a separate address, even though he's located within the Italian Embassy.


As if this somehow will make everyone feel better.


Whoever said perception is reality ought  to have a heart-to-heart conversation with the President.


Catholics perceive this maneuver as an attempt to diminish the role of the Catholic Church in the world.



Unfortunately, the President has developed a  bad reputation for saying one thing and then doing another.


"If you like your health care plan, you can keep it. Period."


Mr. President,  Catholic views are important and the leader of the Catholic Church is  important.


Just ask Time Magazine.

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