Thursday, February 9, 2012

Olympic Hero Helps us avoid Hitler's Horrible Hellish Diet

          Many years ago, Dr. Robert Atkins promoted his low-carb diet by decrying the failures of high starch low-fat diets.

          He proved that limiting dairy and meat consumption had only a marginal effect on heart disease.

          He was right about that.

Fat limiters are regularly gurnied into the Cleveland Clinic Cardiac Surgery Center for bypass procedures, leg arteries substituted for gunky coronary ones.

Dieters who go low-fat are only slightly less likely to develop the arterial plaques that are at the root of America's number one health problem: heart disease.

Enter the Olympian armed with evidence culled from Nazi despotism.

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn of the Cleveland Clinic encountered an astounding fact several years ago.

Fat-reduced diets have a limited effect on coronary disease but zero-fat diets eliminate coronary disease.

Esselstyn won  Olympic gold in  1956 as part of America's rowing team.

He then launched a career in medicine that led to his remarkable conclusion: a zero-fat plant based diet cures heart disease without surgery.

Cures it. Stops it dead in its tracks.

Esselstyn  got hold of a study of European nations invaded by the Germans in World War Two.

The Nazis seized the cows and the chickens, leaving the native population to consume only grains, veggies, and fruits.

While der Fuehrer's minions feasted on butter, eggs, and bratwurst, the embittered captive inhabitants were forced into a diet completely devoid of animal products.

The Third Reich lost the war and the goose steppers clogged their own heartless hearts with animal fat goo.

Heart disease among the invaded fell to zero during the occupation.

Zero: no heart disease.

Post-war Europe got the animal fat back and heart attacks returned as well.

Esselstyn also points to the most comprehensive scientific study of health and diet ever conducted.

 This project compared millions of Chinese, some eating nothing derived from animal products and some eating moderate amounts.

The moderatos suffered  from angina, high blood pressure, and American-style circulatory blockage.

The heart disease in those meat-free Chinamen?

Zilch. Nada. The unimpeded free flow of blood throughout the body.

Today, Essesltyn interrupts those headed to surgery to see if they'd be interested in this scalpel-free method of unblocking sticky blood vessels.

Modern medicine can't find  one bit of evidence contradicting the Esselstyn findings.

Despite this, many see the Esselstyn diet as extreme.

Says Esselstyn: Extreme is  opening  your breast bone to access your most vital organ for arterial surgery.

Do we really want to be a nation of angioplasties, hacked up chest cavities, and Lipitor salesmen?

Esselstyn is courageous. He's a Cleveland Clinic guy  eliminating the need for the Clinic's very profitable cardiac practice.

No eggs and no dairy and no meat equals no heart disease.

If you love your family, read Esselstyn's book Prevent And Reverse Heart Disease.

Copy the chapter entitled Moderation Kills and tape it to your refrigerator.

His video, Forks Over Knives, has gone viral.

By the way, actually adhering to this diet is very difficult.

 I am doing it now.

I used to think a good time had to include a ribeye steak and cheesecake.

This pioneer at the Clinic is now revolutionizing healthcare, despite the efforts of our mainstream culture controlled by agribusiness.

Dave Thomas of Wendy's fame had a heart attack at age 64, a victim of  thinking that a burger now and then won't kill you.

It will.

Heart disease kills more than cancer, more than AIDS, more than any other condition.

It's simple.

 When it comes to eggs, dairy, meat, and fish, go cold turkey.

Cast off the Nazi diet.

It's time to live.

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