Thursday, February 2, 2012

Scarlet Letter's Removal a Cause for Celebration


I'm smiling.

          The Susan G. Komen Society announced just a few days ago that it will no longer fund Planned Parenthood.

          Planned Parenthood performs abortions all over the world but in America they are number one. 

          If they had golden arches, the sign would read  "over 15 million served, murdered, and dismembered".

          Today, with this turn-around in policy, not one penny of the money you give Komen to save lives will be used to destroy lives.

          Many people are asking, "Why the about-face ?"

          The official reason cited by Komen President Elizabeth Thompson  has to do with a congressional investigation challenging the questionable techniques of Planned Parenthood, the largest slaughterer  of children since King Herod.

          Some suspect that it has to do with the uncontroverted scientific evidence that proves that women who have abortions can expect a higher incidence of breast cancer.

          After all, how can an organization trying to  eradicate breast cancer lend financial support to a group that promotes breast cancer through abortion?

          Some pro-abortion rights activists accuse Komen of bowing to political pressure.

           If that's true, let's just embrace the idea of bowing to political pressure.

           It's not such a bad thing when truth and justice are creating that pressure.

          During the mid-1960s, a President from Texas used political pressure to force the adoption of the Civil Rights Act. Was that wrong?

Of course not. Congress did the right thing in helping to stamp out the vestiges of Jim Crow, even if it did so because of the political threats made by Lyndon Johnson.

          With this change, I can help fight breast cancer with this new tool now available to me and my conscience can be clear.

          Now I can lace up my Nikes and participate in the Race For the Cure, knowing that with each step I run united with thousands of others to save lives.

          With this decision, Komen makes hundreds of products available for purchase to millions of Americans who hesitated because the Society's symbol appeared on  labels announcing support for Komen.

I think the product I will welcome back the most is Nature Valley granola bars.

They are simply the best but I've been without roughage ever since Nature Valley announced it was in the  Komen camp.

          You know that I've been tough on Komen because  it sent money to  Planned Parenthood in the past.

         I've even referred to the Society as "Bloody Susan G. Komen".

Today I thank them because I'll be healthier running in the race and chewing on the oats and honey I've been missing over the last couple of years.

Most importantly, I thank them for their courage.

          Courage to bring us all one step closer to ending the genocidal atrocity of abortion.

Susan's scarlet letter "A" has been removed.

And now all of us can wear pink again.

And smile.

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