Friday, February 3, 2012

Susan's Scarlet Letter Highlighted by bizarre Capitulation

A knife in the back.

Not just my back but the backs  of children by the millions dozing away peacefully in amniotic fluid, in the place of expected safety, the womb.

          The knife enters through an incision in mama's abdomen.

We are at the local Planned Parenthood pregnancy termination center.

Plenty of pain is felt. Excruciating.

And then death.

Hopefully death occurs mercifully before the unborn child is tossed into the  baggy for disposal like a used examination glove.

Some burial ceremony, huh?

You see, The Susan  G. Komen Society announced just a few days ago that it will not fund Planned Parenthood.

          Planned Parenthood performs abortions all over the world but in America they are number one.   If they had golden arches, the sign would read  "over 37 million served, murdered, and dismembered".

         Throngs of  Americans rejoiced that with  this turn-around in policy, not one penny of the money you would give Komen to save lives would be used to destroy lives.

          Many people asked, "Why the about-face ?"

          The official reason cited by Komen President Elizabeth Thompson  had to do with a congressional investigation challenging the questionable techniques of Planned Parenthood, the largest slaughterer  of children since King Herod.

          Some suspected that it had to do with the uncontroverted scientific evidence that proves that women who have abortions can expect a higher incidence of breast cancer.

          After all, how can an organization trying to  eradicate breast cancer lend financial support to an entity that promotes breast cancer through abortion?

          Some pro-abortion rights activists accused Komen of bowing to political pressure.

          So what happened  next?

          Komen bowed to political pressure.

          Komen made ANOTHER  announcement Friday REVERSING the decision to defund Komen.

          Thus the knife.

          Back stabbing and double crossing maybe OK in  politics for some.

          But in this case Komen reaffirms its approval of infant death for preborn infants.

          It knowingly sends money to a group that promotes breast cancer through this diabolical procedure.              

         Today I am stunned because Komen has thrown away this special opportunity to speak up for the most vulnerable among us: a child in the womb.

Most importantly, they lost a chance to show courage.

          Courage to bring us all one step closer to ending the genocidal atrocity of abortion.

Susan's scarlet letter "A" has not been  removed.

It has been highlighted.

The knife cuts into you and me.

It cuts into our standing as a civilized society.

And into the spinal cord of an innocent baby.

Wear that letter, Susan.

America should know what you have done.

Millions of innocent unborns certainly do.

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