Thursday, April 12, 2012

Don't cry for them, Argentina: Say Thank You

This true story is gripping and it happened just last week.


In the City of Resistencia, Argentina, the humid tropical air makes for sticky summer days and winters that are short and only somewhat cooler.


Developed in the late 1800's,  this town has grown up, transforming itself from an agricultural to a service economy, the population just a tad smaller than Cleveland, Ohio.


As a result, Resistencia, like Cleveland, has developed as a first-rate medical center where the doctors are top-notch.


That's why Analia Bouter and her husband Fabian resigned themselves to accept God's will.


The outstanding obstetrics staff did all they could but sadly, the little baby girl didn't make it.


One of the greatest medical teams in the world tried its best but that tiny sweet face belonged to a corpse, stillborn.


Mom and dad finally left the hospital, toting an empty car seat, brokenhearted.


Red-eyed, grief stricken.


The time passed slowly at home, but that delicate countenance wouldn't leave their hearts.


Sleep would not come, the vivid image of their dead daughter haunting them both.


Finally, 12 hours after the doctors signed the death certificate, they could take no more.


They had to see her again.


One last time.


Analia brought her camera.


Maybe a snapshot would help preserve the memory that would be all they would have left of the little girl they had named Luciana Abigail.


In silence, they drove to the morgue.


The attendant led them to a room full of little drawers designed for infants who never saw their first steps.


          Never shook their first rattle.


As the drawer slid open, Analia reached to open the cover of the little coffin.


          She heard something.


It startled her.


A whimper. Crying.


She's alive!


The attendant called 911 and the ambulance raced to that same hospital, the parents singing God's praises.


Incredible miracle.


The parents changed the child's name to Luz Milagros, which translates to "Miracle Light".


The Argentine government has initiated a full investigation of the hospital staff.


The team in the delivery room has been suspended.


"They will have to answer for this",  said Rafael Sabatinelli, Undersecretary of health for the Argentine Ministry.


The parents aren't looking to blame anyone.




They know that talented doctors gave their very best effort.


They just happened to receive the gift of a miracle.


Are we so jaded that when a baby becomes Lazarus, we can't just accept it?


What about you?


Are you open to the possibility?


I hope so.


Be like these parents and not like the bureaucrats.


Miracles do happen and no one's to blame.


Well, there is someone to blame: God.


If you look hard enough, you might find some miracles in your own life.


The marriage that's survived challenges.


A son who has defeated addiction.


 A life prolonged despite a deadly diagnosis years ago.


A daughter who has forgiven a flawed parent.


Don't look for someone to blame. Look for someone to thank.


The same someone who gave the world Luz Milagros.



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