Thursday, April 5, 2012

What's On Tap for the Anti-Christian Culture

Lately, our culture has  become so crass that examples of abject spit-in-your-face disrespect for people of faith just scroll past our lives almost unnoticed.


It's  like that irritating crawl  moving from left to right at the bottom of the screen during a cable news broadcast.


Sometimes you have to look at it and realize what's really happening.


I found this one to be outrageous so let's see what you think.


          A few months ago a beer company called Stella Artois began to run a series of commercials supplemented by billboards with the following slogan: "It's a Chalice, not a glass."


          The television spots feature a glass goblet treated with deep respect because of the golden liquid it contains when the Stella Artois light lager is poured.


          For Christians, the word "Chalice"  refers to that which holds the precious blood of Jesus Christ.


          The Holy Grail referred to the original vessel shared by the Son of Man with his disciples at the Last Supper.


          I'm offended.


These advertisements border on blasphemy as they conclude with the so-called "chalice"  presented to young men and women at a bar.




Can the Madison Avenue crowd be so insensitive that they are willing to demean one of the most important symbols in all of Christendom?


There are different versions of this commercial and some even go further.


In one edition, the viewer is instructed regarding the proper method of pouring the Stella Artois into the "Chalice".


One step is called the "purification", a clear reference to Catholic ritual.


          Unbelievably, the consumer  in the next phase is asked to honor the "sacrifice"  in serving this beverage.


I also do not believe it was a coincidence that this advertising campaign was released almost simultaneous to the Pope's new directive substituting the word "Chalice" for the word  "cup" in the new Catholic Missal.


So what can you do about it?


For those that care, I offer some marching orders.


First of all, boycott the product and encourage your friends and family to do the same.


Our values don't mean very much if we protect them for ourselves but allow others to stomp all over them in some kind of wild dance where the dancers wear stilettos and penny loafers, barely able to stay on their feet in an alcohol-induced stupor.


Secondly, use the commercial as a valuable teaching tool.


 Give others the knowledge of your faith by explaining the eternal value of that which is contained in the Chalice  held high by the priest in that most solemn moment  re-enacting the events of Holy Thursday.


Third, communicate with the folks at Stella Artois and let them know you're feelings.


 Believe it or not e-mails and especially handwritten letters are important to the public relations department. You can bring about change.


          I cherish what a real chalice symbolizes.


Stella Artois doesn't.


          Mr. Bartender, make mine a Bud.


          Beer lovers should not stand for such an outrage.


          Will you?

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