Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lip Locked Ladies Assault Our Values

      Here's another story torn from the pages of  "Boiled Frog Misses Slow Incremental Water Temperature Increase".


        We are the boiled frog, every day assaulted by the modern culture.


        The new Urban Outfitters catalog has found its way into your child's mailbox.


        And they waste no time.


        Page two contains a photograph of two beautiful teenage girls.


        One girl is wearing a beige ankle-length sundress with flats.


        The other girl is wearing a knee-length aquamarine and white cocktail dress with platform shoes.


        The picture helps display the "Kaleidoscope" dress collection.


        So far so good.  


        The two girls are kissing.


        Full lips-on-lips kissing, with ankle-length embracing knee-length, the young lady on the left holding the other one's head in her hands just like Clark Gable and in Vivian Leigh in Gone With The Wind.



Urban Outfitters focuses its marketing energies on teenagers.


        Young teenagers.


        Do you care?


Or do we just let the cook turn up the flame one degree higher on the stove?


Believe it or not there are people who do care.


 An organization called One Million Moms dedicates itself to stamping out exploitation of children in  the media.



They have asked Americans to call Urban Outfitters at 1–800–282–2200 to  record their objection and to cancel their catalog subscription.


In this world in which Ellen Degeneres and Rosie O'Donnell offer friendly peeks into their modern lifestyle, it is politically incorrect to criticize the promotion of lesbianism.


One Million Moms is being accused of hate speech because of their courageous position.


Thank goodness free speech is still protected by the by those few remaining threads left in the fabric of the First Amendment.


        It is possible to be a loving and compassionate person who honestly believes that homosexuality is unhealthy and dare I say it, sinful and wrong.


Of course we must love others, including those with gay and lesbian tendencies and attractions.


        But it is far from loving to get swept up in the wave of  I'm-ok-you're-ok thinking that makes good people feel guilty about criticizing behavior which can only lead to ruin for the most innocent among us: our children.


        So hats off to One Million Moms.


The pornography and immorality that passes itself off as advertising these days does not fly completely under the radar.


        There are those that are willing to stand up and be counted.


        Are you among them?


Or are you sitting in the pot not noticing that the one cooked by the cook is you.


        Make your voice heard.


If you get cooked, who will  protect  your children and grandchildren?





  1. Thank you for the awareness, and even though I do not have children, after reading this felt the need to contacta Urban Outfitters at the number you listed. NOTE: the customer service person who answered was polite,but told me that it would be more effective to email the company at directly to:

  2. I appreciate finding out about this company and their poor advertising choice. I am apalled. I personally don't want to see a heterosexual teen couple wildly kissing in their ads either. Why do these companies need to make everything from perfume,to jeans, to gum, to toothpaste, all about sexuality. I will be contacting the company by phone and email.
    That said, I also want to remark on your statement "that homosexuality is unhealthy, sinful and wrong". I know you must be very intelligent but at the least you are very narrow minded. People need to be judged on their character and accomplishments not on their sexual orientation. God made us all. Homosexuals to not choose to be so.